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Jeanne and Ryder earn their CGCA Title

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Learn exciting new dog tricks!

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Be a well-mannered dog team!

Master brisk, focused heeling!

Train one-on-one to customize training for
your ​unique needs!

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After you contact Diana to get information about the best class for you and your dog, you will receive an email with two registration files.  Return these completed forms and reserve a spot in your class.

Diana will email you 24-48 hours before your class.  Students are required to reply to this email to confirm their spot.  This allows us to offer any available spots to other students.

Jeanne and Ryder earn CGCA title
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Diana Simonsen Dog Training | Redmond, WA 98053, USA | 425-985-9060 | info@dianasimonsen.com

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Diana offers a variety of classes: